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Gully Bet and Gbets have sparked numerous debates, but now I will clarify the air by sharing my experience with those two online betting platforms. I gamble for fun and to make some additional money, and I use both of the main online betting platforms in India. My favorites are always Gully Bet and Gbets, but that doesn't mean other bookmakers are bad.
If you're wondering which is better between Gully Bet and Gbets, you'll find answers to most of your queries here, and my responses aren't about who I prefer, but about how they both work. Nobody paid me to write this, and I'm not attempting to promote or demote any of them; I'm just telling you the facts, and it's up to you to decide which one to use.
I rarely visit offline betting shops to place a bet, so my comparison will be based on my internet experience as an individual, as I am not an agent.
Gbets vs. Gully Bet
Which of the two bookies is your favorite? Have you used both for at least two months? If so, you undoubtedly know which is the best, but I have been using both for a long time and am familiar with how they operate, which is why I am here to offer my experience.
Which Of Them Has the Best Odds?
Gbets promotes higher odds, which is somewhat correct, but when I compared them, they are nearly the same; the only difference is that when you book lengthier games, Gbets may be slightly higher.
Bet A offers odds of 1.80. (Gbets)
The same Bet A may provide you 1.75 odds (Gully Bet)
Bet B offers 2.10 odds (Gbets)
The identical bet B might give you 2.15 odds in Gully Bet; therefore, I believe they are the same with minor differences in other games.
Bonus For Total Games Played
In terms of bonuses, I can't tell the difference between the two, however as I previously stated, while betting on long games, Gbets will provide you higher odds in some circumstances.
Customer Service
As a non-agent, have you ever had a situation that required you to contact Gully Bet or Gbets customer service? If so, how did it go? Since I use both, I'll give Gbets credit; nonetheless, they are significantly superior to Gully Bet, which you could argue is due to their smaller customer base. Gully Bet, on the other hand, is all about packaging and strategy, with which I disagree. Gbets has enabled live chat to assist consumers with any problems or issues they may have, whilst Be9ja has lately enabled a messaging system that can take hours or days to react to.
Quick Payment
Gbets is certainly the king of payouts; whether you win on Saturday or Sunday, your money will be paid to you within minutes or hours. Nobody cares about the weekend or holidays at Gbets, but Gully Bet not only delays payment but does not pay at all on weekends, which is unacceptable.
Online And Offline Withdrawals
Gbets was the first to offer both online and offline bet cashout, but Gully Bet has lately caught up and begun giving offline cashout. In terms of cashout, there is currently no clear winner.
Ease Of Use
Gbets look excellent, but Gully Bet appears to be simpler, faster to load, and easier to use, yet they practically look the same with various color backgrounds.
Regular Free Bonus Promotions
Gully Bet is a master at this, they know how to keep their consumers and one of the methods they employ to keep their customers coming back for more is to offer them incentives on a regular basis.

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